About Kimberly Ryan Wellness

Welcome to my health and wellness learning community! My name is Kimberly Ryan and I am Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach™ and Holistic Health Practitioner.

My passion is to educate and inspire women, (and their families), to lead a healthy non-toxic lifestyle.

I specialize in environmental toxins, digestive and autoimmune dysfunction, food allergies, histamine intolerance IBS and SIBO. (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, or in many cases what is now being called misdiagnosed IBS.)  

I am so grateful your journey has lead you here.  We may have even traveled a similar path.

My health story began when I was misdiagnosed with IBS for over 15 years.

I endured severe digestive issues; initially triggered by an undiagnosed gut infection.

My health slowly deteriorated over time until it finally escalated into debilitating health dysfunctions, a multitude of food intolerances and several autoimmune disorders.

After years of trying everything from the Mayo Clinic to dozens of alternative practices, I finally decided to reclaim my health and stop the cycle of my doctors and I continuing to chase symptoms.

I realized it was time to focus on discovering the ROOT CAUSE.

I left my career and went back to school. I felt I needed in-depth knowledge to become the CEO of my own health. I was determined to unravel my complicated health struggles.

My love of holistic health and functional medicine was born.

Now, I am passionate to share my experience and knowledge to help educate thousands of suffers so they do not lose years of their lives like I had.

I am honored that you are here and hope I can share some life-changing information with you.

Your symptoms are real.

They are not in your head.

More importantly, your health can be restored. I am determined to help lead you on a journey back to wellness so you can begin living with true passion and purpose again.


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